Cancer Immunotherapy


Abnormal Cells

Cancer is caused by abnormal cells that grow in an uncontrolled manner, causing tumors that can spread (metastasize) and result in organ failure or death. Immunotherapy represents a novel approach to cancer treatment, based on a sophisticated understanding of cancer biology and the immune response.

ImmunoCellular’s product candidates stimulate a powerful immune response that can destroy cancer cells and prevent tumor recurrence. These cancer immunotherapeutics activate the body’s immune system against multiple tumor-associated antigens, which are overexpressed on cancer stem cells and other cancer cells. In mounting an effective immune response, the body recruits immune cells, such as T cells, to destroy the cancer and prevent its recurrence. This approach to activating the immune response offers the promise of improved survival through treatments that are potentially safer and more effective than conventional cancer therapies.

ImmunoCellular’s cancer immunotherapeutics have potential advantages over conventional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. These potential advantages include the following:

  • Specific targeting of cancer cells reduces toxic side effects and damage to healthy tissue
  • Targeting of multiple tumor-associated antigens improves the chances of treatment success
  • Favorable safety profile supports combination with other cancer therapies to increase overall efficacy without adding treatment-limiting toxicity
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