ImmunoCellular Advantages

Immunocellular Advantage

ImmunoCellular’s dendritic cell (DC)-based proprietary product candidates and manufacturing process offer many advantages over previous cellular immunotherapies:

  • Potency
    • Matured DCs secrete IL-12, which is critical for stimulating T cell killing of cancer cells
    • More than 80% of the final manufactured product consists of matured DCs
  • Versatility
    • Unlike other cell-based immunotherapeutics, these DCs target multiple antigens, thus increasing the likelihood of effective treatment
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness
    • In contrast to the only approved cell-based immunotherapy, ImmunoCellular’s manufacturing process enables production of at least 20 doses of immunotherapeutic product from a single apheresis (blood collection)
    • Thus, patients do not need to undergo additional apheresis procedures or cellular processing, significantly reducing cost
  • Convenience
    • Ability to freeze and store immunotherapeutic products for months or years eliminates the need to treat the patient immediately after manufacture
    • Intradermal administration route reduces the time and inconvenience of intravenous infusion for both patient and physician
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